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Come Back Safely

To make the WOW Studio safe for a return to rehearsals, we have carried out a COVID-19 Risk Assessment and drawn up an Action Plan for the control measures we are putting in place. We would welcome feedback on these documents which may be viewed or downloaded on the links below, as well as our COVID-19 Policy.

Rehearsal Schedule

Elton John



Link to Audio tracks

‘Opening Up’ guide – full speed
‘Opening Up’ guide – slow
‘Opening Up’ – piano backing

Addams Family

‘When You’re an Addams’ – guide full speed

‘When You’re an Addams’ -guide slower
‘When You’re an Addams’ – piano backing
‘When You’re an Addams’ – original edit

Sweet Charity


Funny Girl

13 the Musical

Les Misérables

Playlists of Harmony Parts

Soprano Parts

Alto Parts

Tenor Parts

Bass Parts

School of Rock

Harmony Parts

Bubble 3 – Top Harmony, Group 1

Bubble 3 – Top Harmony, Group 2

Bubble 4 – Lower Harmony, Group 1

Bubble 4 – Lower Harmony, Group 2

Dear Evan Hansen

Bright Star

Risk Assessment

In drawing up these documents we have used templates from the National Youth Agency and referenced the relevant government guidance with a particular focus on the guidance for clubs and out-of-school settings and for the performing arts.

In summary, we will:

  • Take reasonable steps to maintain social distancing
  • Close the Green Room and kitchen to members and parents.
  • Have cleaning, handwashing and hygiene procedures in line with guidance.
  • Continue procedures for arrival and departure.

2 thoughts on “Return to WOW

  1. Thankyou for taking the time to risk assess so thoroughly. It appears that you have left no stone left unturned in ensuring everyone’s safety. Its put our minds at ease for a safe return. We look forwards to seeing you all again soon.

    1. Thank you, Ali, for your positive comment.

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