Audition Resources

This page is for those who attended the 2022 Audition Workshop on Monday 9 May. It includes recordings to enable those taking part in the New Member Auditions to practise.

At the audition, participants will be able to choose the order in which they perform the three elements – dance, song and monologue (a short piece of dialogue lasting up to one minute).

The audition panel includes the Chairman, President and Creative Team from the workshop. They very much appreciate that the process can be somewhat daunting and do all they can to encourage each participant to show of their best. They will be looking for a good voice, musicality and an ability to move well, not forgetting a degree of presence and potential.

Please note that:

  • Individual auditions may be recorded to help the Panel with the selection process and will be deleted once the process is complete;
  • We need an adult family member to commit to obtaining a chaperone licence so that we are able to stage our shows;
  • The decision of the audition panel is final and no correspondence will be entered into. We are also unable to give individual feedback.

Dance Routines – choose the ending which you can perform the strongest.

Song Accompaniments

Hopelessly Devoted to You (shortened version for auditions.)
Colours of the Wind
Where is Love?