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Thank you so much to all who auditioned for Grease. The high quality of your auditions did not make this an easy decision for the panel of Martine, Heather, Janet and me. I’m so proud of all of you who put yourselves forward.

Please remember that casting a show is not about who is the most talented or the most experienced and it is never, ever personal. It’s always about who is the best choice for these specific parts, with these other cast members, at this specific time to present the best possible production we can. It’s like putting together a very complex puzzle!

We have procedures in place to be fair and objective but you have no idea how difficult these decisions can be. We care about every single one of you, so casting a musical brings very mixed emotions – we’re delighted for those of you that have been given a part but hate having to disappoint others who have also auditioned strongly

For those facing up to disappointment please remember that every single one of you has a key part to play in making this an incredible show! For me, it’s always the ensemble numbers that makes a musical and it’s the wonderful ensemble spirit at WOW that makes this group so special!

Alan, WOW Chairman

Audio Tracks

Alone at the Drive-in (no vocal)

Alone at the Drive-in

Freddy My Love

Greased Lightning

Hopelessly Devoted
Magic Changes

Mooning – Roger’s part

Summer Nights

We Go Together

Worse Things I Could Do