Fizzing Footloose!

“Footloose was fizzing from the dynamic opening number to the high-octane finale,” wrote Sylvia Coates in her show report for NODA. Sylvia was one of over 2,500 people who came to see Footloose and the audience response was also tremendously positive.

It’s worth taking time to read the whole WOW Footloose Show Report 2018 but here’s some other highlights:-

“With the skill we have come to expect of WOW there were some strong characterisations…WOW’s strong ensemble (too many to mention) made the most of every moment to create and maintain the characters who add depth and context to the action…There were hugely entertaining episodes of the impressive choreography….difficult to select from so many great numbers… the spectacular finale…made us all want to get up and dance…The style of music in this show is demanding but every song was delivered with passion….This was an all-out enjoyable evening, with…music and dancing to be especially proud of…..It seems there is no limit to WOW’s talent – well done, WOW!“